Price Finder updates prices weekly based on the pharmacy billings to state-funded prescription drug programs. Pharmacies report the date of service and the price paid by a cash paying customer without insurance coverage. When you find prices lower than what you are paying, a good first step is to check the current drug price with the pharmacies. Many pharmacies will match a lower price. If you find the price at the pharmacy differs greatly from the price on Rx Price Finder, please call 800-835-4080.


How to Compare Pharmacy Drug Prices

Price Finder is a state lottery funded website where consumers compare drug prices for frequently used drugs. Anyone can use Price Finder. You may save money by price shopping on Price Finder.

Pharmacy Drug prices vary by strength of the drug, manufacturer of the drug, the quantity of drug, and the pharmacy selling the drug. Pharmacies decide what they will charge cash paying clients. Prices differ among stores, or within one pharmacy over a period of time, or may include a service added to the price of the drug. With Price Finder, you may find a lower cost for a drug that you use. For Help with Price Finder, please call 800-835-4080.